AQ Frustration Resilience: Drawing Books for Children

The AQ Frustration Resilience is a series of drawing books for children to read different stories that teach the values of life.

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Growing up you will face so challenges and learn the value of life. The AQ Frustration Resilience introduces young readers to a series of stories for you to read that is relatable to your daily life. Grab your copies now.

Jurassic Playhouse values the relationship of a parent and their child. We organise activities for parents and children to bond. All our activities aim to help children learn and explore their interests and potentials. We focus heavily on developing children’s physical and mental health by providing different activities for parents to choose that best suit the children.

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Book Series:

1. “It Doesn’t Matter If You Cry A Lot” — Follow the story of Xiao Lifu, going through different phases in life and facing so many challenges that made him cry.

2. “It Doesn’t Matter” — Follow the story of Youchen, a young man who wants to get the red car with his hard-earned money but eventually changes his decision to make his grandmother happy instead.

3. “It’s Okay To Take Things Slow” — Following the story of Eddie, he has always been a fast-paced person. Everything in life has to move quickly. Along the way, he realises that sometimes, you need to take things slow to enjoy life.



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