(Online) Game Designing For Kids

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Design 2D games using game developer software. Program and learn to build advanced 2D games.

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RM180.00 90 minutes

RM 180 per class

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Design 2D games using game developer software. Program and learn to build advanced 2D games.


Students will learn comprehensive content where they will start to understand the process of game design which are coding, coordinates, direction of animation, variables, loops, and more.


By enrolling in this program, students will learn the basics of programming while experiencing the usage of game developer software. We train them to use their logical thinking skills to solve problems and bring their imagination to life! Ideally for ages 10 – 17.


Important note: You need at least a 64-bit laptop.


Highlight of the course:

  1. Learning about how games are created
  2. The coordinates and direction of the animation
  3. Events that are required to initiate a game
  4. Camera setting of a game
  5. Creating particle emitters effects
  6. Learning conditions and actions
  7. Creating different layers of a game
  8. At least 15 activities and projects to keep your child engaged during the program
  9. A certificate will be issued when the student completes the program

There is no doubt the world is constantly changing. The skills needed for work had also changed and developed due to the advancement of technology. However, there is one common element throughout this change – the utilization of technologies in their daily work, regardless of which industry they are in. It’s time for us to equip our children with the skills of the future. At Aimsity, we provide different coding programs and activities that help exercising their creativity, perseverance, and problem-solving skills.

  • Prepare at least a 64-bit laptop

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English only

  • Login into zoom 5 minutes before class starts
  • RM 180 per person per class
  • Our personnel will contact you to inform on the class details
  • Service provider provide after class support
  • Cancellation & refund policy
    • Non- refundable
  • Minimum group size per time
    • 8 pax
  • Maximum group size per time
    • 10 pax


6 reviews for (Online) Game Designing For Kids

  1. Devan Anadan

    My son likes to play video games and I saw this class online so I sign him up for this class. The teacher is a professional and my son is having fun learning. If your kids like gaming, try out this class.

  2. Nurul Fadilah

    If your kids like to play video games then this is the class for them. The teacher is a professional. Highly recommend.

  3. Tengku Syarifah

    I saw this class online and signed up my kid for this since he loves his xbox so much. Now he is having a good time at class and the teacher is really skilled. Good for exposure.

  4. Samantha Chiew

    Good teacher. Good class.

  5. Geetha Krishnan

    The teacher is really professional. Good class for your kids to join if they like playing video games.

  6. Jenny Law

    My son is enjoying this game design class. The teacher is great. I recommend for parents to sign your kids for game design class if they love playing games.

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