(Online) Python Introductory Workshop for Kids

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Master the fundamentals of Python with our Python Fundamentals 2.0 Course. We partnered with world-leading AI player SenseTime to develop lesson plans that are both beginner-friendly and fun, where learning takes place in a virtual maze.

The Python Fundamentals game-based learning environment is primarily designed for young learners to grasp the basics of Python coding, before venturing into an open Python programming environment.

The concepts taught in this course include: Python syntaxes and rules, troubleshooting and debugging, writing and calling functions, for loops and range, while loops, nestled loops, logical expressions, conditions, nestled conditions, logical operators and complex expressions.

What You’ll Learn
Understand the basic program flow, logic, functions and concepts through the coding-block interface
Familiarise yourself with the text-based Python syntax using the conversion feature
Learn the proper Python syntaxes and good programming practices by typing out the Python codes manually in the Python text interface
Think critically to solve the various missions and challenges
Identify patterns and breakdown problems into modular solutions
Think logically in constructing codes and debugging

You do not need any coding experience to join this course.

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  • 2-day online workshop (90 minutes x 2 day, total 3 hours)



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