(Online) Preparatory II Ballet Class for 7 to 8 years old

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Preparatory II level is a preparation for the Vaganova training system and progression of preparatory I. Students learn to articulate and coordinate more body parts to strengthen muscles in the body and develop the sense of balancing. More complex concepts of positioning arms and feet will also be introduced. The class also encourages freedom of expression and imagination.

Ballet is the foundation of most dance forms, and it combines dance with the beauty of music. The benefits of learning ballet include development of good posture and correct placement, coordination, self-discipline while improving dance technique and musicality. The training program is based on the Vaganova system. Through Vaganova teaching methods, we aim to cultivate students’ technical capabilities in classical ballet while nurturing their artistic growth as dancers. Further, we strive to strengthen pupils’ whole-person development by the education of moral standards and ethical values alongside professional ballet training. This is accomplished by a carefully constructed combination of routine classroom learning of dance, music and painting, on top of community outreach activities, performances and competitions.

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3 reviews for (Online) Preparatory II Ballet Class for 7 to 8 years old

  1. Connie

    Professional teacher. Very patient with students especially now that it’s online classes.

  2. Halina Hussain

    Instructor is very patient and encouraging. My daughter loves the teacher very much

  3. azman.bin.abdullah

    Amazing teacher. My daughter enjoys the class very much.

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