Study Star Teaching: Drawing Books for Children

The Study Star Teaching is a series of drawing books for self-development where children will learn about life.

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The Study Star Teaching Drawing Books by Zhang Huicheng consist of a set of self-development books designed to guide children in developing and enhancing their ability to learn, analyse, write, and express themselves. This set of books comes with a teacher’s manual personally written by Zhang Huicheng himself.Mandarin

Jurassic Playhouse values the relationship of a parent and their child. We organise activities for parents and children to bond. All our activities aim to help children learn and explore their interests and potentials. We focus heavily on developing children’s physical and mental health by providing different activities for parents to choose that best suit the children.

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Book Series:

  1. “Little Hedgehog Loves Anger” (Learning to Control Emotions)
  2. “It’s all mine” (hands-on relationship, learning to share)
  3. “Eleven fingers” (accept yourself, take care of others)
  4. “Staying with Dad to Work” (cherishing parent-child time and cultivating good values)
  5. “Faster, Slower” (practice looking for self-pace)



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